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Nyaaa, meow news for nya! 

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Forgive me for not being on in a long while. D: Since Nov. I have been very busy with work and with other things. (like playing some other games such as skyrim and skyward) but aside from all that, just been busy with waking up and going right to work x_x blah i am just wanting to let ya'll know i'm sorry for all this, and letting you all know that once all this holiday BS is done, i shall return!


Greetings everyone to the Nyan Corps!

This guild is dedicated to helping others grow in their potential! Either with information, gear, gold, or just lv'ing in general. Just so long as we are there to lend a paw. =^-^=

Along with a helping hand, I hope to have daily nest runs (or just have them set on one day in general) and little item give away's!

Anyone can join, and if you don't like the guild, you are also free to leave. A no strings guild~ (though...string is always welcome to the nyan corps....nyaaaaa)

****sorry if this wasn't the greatest of to being a guild leader...and i just hope in the future for this guild to grow~***


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Nyan News!!! (about why i'm hardly on)

Shazuna507, Sep 27, 11 11:54 PM.
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